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SDEMA Awards

Awards are presented at the annual September Conference to individuals who have reached a milestone in their years of service to the association, those who've achieved CEM (Certified Emergency Manager) status, and for others who have been nominated by their peers for specific award categories.​

    • Leona Blote - Pam Buck SDEMA Member of the Year Award
    • Achievement Award
    • Preparedness, Technology, Innovation Award
    • Lifetime Member Award
    • Honorary Membership

If you feel a fellow SDEMA member is deserving in one of the following categories, please complete the appropriate form and submit to a member of the SDEMA board by ​August 15, prior to the upcoming SDEMA Conference held in September.

Leona Blote - Pam Buck
SDEMA Member of the Year Award

Awarded to one person for their contribution to the association, their local jurisdiction, and impacting the greater emergency management community.

This award recognizes an emergency management professional who displays outstanding professional ethics, leadership and innovation, and provides outstanding contributions to the field of Emergency Management in the state of South Dakota.

Depending on nominations submitted there may not be a winner every year.

Achievement Award

Awarded to a local Emergency Manager for an outstanding or significant emergency management contribution, including preparation or response to an incident, that has occurred within the past SDEMA calendar year (Sept. to Sept.) for activities above and beyond day-to-day duties.

Depending on nominations submitted there may not be a winner every year.

Preparendness, Technology or Innovation Award

Awarded to a Local, State, Region, Commercial or Other Partner Agency, individual or group for innovation and creativity in the field of preparedness or programs for the community, technology relating specifically to the Emergency Management community or any other innovative practice or program that has benefited Emergency Management in South Dakota.

Depending on nominations submitted, there may not be a winner every year.

Life Member Award

Life membership may be accorded any active member who has at least (Ten) 10 years membership in the Association and is no longer associated with a State or Local Organization in the capacity that would make them eligible for active membership. Requests for life membership must be submitted in writing and voted upon by the membership and approved by two-thirds (2/3) of members present at the annual meeting. Once granted, the life member shall have the full rights of an active member.

SDEMA Honorary Membership Award

Honorary membership may be awarded annually to any South Dakota citizen for outstanding contributions toward the advancement of Emergency Management Programs within South Dakota. Demonstrates a significant impact on the emergency management field, setting them apart through long-term contributions in the professional arena and leadership within their community.

Depending on nominations submitted there may not be a lifetime member award given every year.

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